march - a go deployment tool written in ruby

March is an in-house deployment tool that acts as an insanely lightweight capistrano and allows you to build and deploy a go package to run as a pseudo-daemon on remote servers without any hassle.

It takes a minute to set up and makes your deploy workload almost nil.


Create a march directory containing a single file: config.yml. Add march/build to your .gitignore as that is where intermediate binaries are stored.

In this file, you can specify the following options:

# Specifies the remote path to which march will deploy.
deploy_path: /home/deploy/yourscript

# Specify extra env vars. 
  ENV_FILENAME: /home/deploy/yourscript/.env

# The name of the binary generated by `go build`. 
go_binary_name: yourscript

# This is the base property list that is applied to all servers in all stages.
# Anything specified in the config for a specific server will override these defaults.
# e.g. if I created a server below (under stages) and specified go_os: windows, it would 
  go_os: linux
  user: deploy
  port: 22

      - host:

      - host:
        port: 2222
      - host:
      - host:

All files in the assets/ folder in your Go source directly will be copied directly to the server and can be accessed at os.Getenv('MARCH_ASSETS_PATH').


format: march {stage} {command}


Feel free to log any issues, inconsistencies, or non-user-friendliness you find on the github issue tracker for this repository.